In every life there are times of stress, anxiety, worry, fear and challenge.  Sometimes those challenges come rooted deeply enough past, where shame, guilt or trauma of enhanced our lives in ways we may not fully understand.

As we mature and become successful these inner issues remain, but we become experts at pushing them aside, burying them deep in our memories or perhaps even trying to negate them with the use of drugs, alcohol, food or other types of addictive and destructive behaviors.

We put on a positive face and tell ourselves all will be fine, even though at some level even if we are not sure of the cause we still sense those negative feelings.  We begin to lose confidence in ourselves; stress increases, relationship deteriorate, and we discover that we have become addicted to the very things we have turned to for comfort.

However, we also know that the dark shadow of your personality that seems to have taken over is not a permanent change.  You do not have to live with the past and you have the power, the ability and the capacity to reconnect with the better to have part of yourself, bringing it back to the life you want to live.